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Katherine and Steve are two creative photographers who live in Exeter, Devon. We shoot mainly weddings as we like working together and love the variety a joy-filled wedding day brings. Our style is fresh, well composed and creative, no effects here just seeing a moment and photographing it well.



An Interview With Exeter Living

March 26, 2013


We are really pleased to be featured in Exeter Living this month for the summer wedding feature.

Here is the interview...


What style or form of photography is on trend for 2013?

The continuing trend in wedding photography for 2013 is of a fresh, un-staged and informal approach that captures the day as it unfolds. Whilst the major events are still important to most couples - the car, walking down the aisle, the kiss, the first dance, nothing comes close to when you capture a moment never to be repeated - Dad’s reaction to his beautiful daughter, the groom’s first furtive glance down the aisle, flower girls chasing across the garden etc. It is these enduring images which the discerning couple in 2013 are looking for when choosing their wedding photographer. 

Capturing the full story of a wedding day isn’t just about photographing people - as couples continue to put more time and effort than ever into their wedding day, having a beautiful record of their hard work and creativity (the place settings, the stationery, the flowers, dress details, accessories etc) is a vital part of the days’ photography and one which we relish. 



What’s great about photographing weddings during the spring and summer?

Part of the contemporary, natural approach to wedding photography is not using artificial lighting unless absolutely necessary and Spring and Summer weddings give us plenty of opportunity to take full advantage of the natural light, the longer days and (fingers crossed!) sunshine. As Devon wedding photographers we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful venues which are perfect for milling around outdoors and as everything starts to look greener and the flowers start to blossom we have the perfect backdrop for some stunning, natural photographs. 





What is a wedding photographer’s priority photo-wise on the big day?

Each wedding is different and every couple will want different things from their wedding photography. Some want a completely candid approach and are unconcerned with ‘traditional’ moments such as cutting the cake or signing the register whilst for other couples these are still important. Getting to know our bride and groom before the big day and listening to their plans and ideas is all part of our preparation and when the big day arrives we know we’ll be in the right place at the right time with a couple that are relaxed in our company. Our priority on a wedding day is to capture the day as it unfolds, remaining unobtrusive, just ‘seeing the moment’ and photographing it beautifully. 


What you love taking pictures of at a wedding?

With a day so rich in subject matter its hard to choose which aspect we love to photograph the most. Beautiful brides, glamourous guests, the stylish details, angel-faced children, beautiful venues - we love it all. Bridal preps are always fun to photograph, capturing the transformation from pj’s and curlers into blushing bride and children are always adorable to photograph, they don’t pose, they just run! We love photographing all of the detail especially where there is a strong creative theme. Capturing the bride and groom later in the day when they are relaxed and if we’re lucky just as the sun is setting, this is a wonderful time to take portraits. 





How do you overcome challenges such as rainy or overcast summer days?

Overcast is never a problem, in fact its more complementary than direct sunlight which can be quite harsh. Rain does provide it challenges but also creates opportunities for some fun images. Multi coloured umbrellas and ‘Weddingtons’ were par for the course in 2012, as were flooded marquees and ‘Choo’ spoiling muddy church yards! However in our experience the rain has never ‘dampened’ the spirit of the great British resolve and there’s almost always a break in the clouds when we can charge out, umbrellas at the ready for an impromptu portrait session. 



Is there anything else about wedding photography or Nova Wedding Photography that you think our readers would be interested in hearing about?

Be 100% happy with the photographer you’ve chosen, they will be spending probably the most important day of your life with you so make sure you like them, as much as you like their work. We try to meet up with our couples well in advance, giving us a chance to get to know each other and being able to offer advice on many aspects of the big day. Remember that your photographs will be all that is left after the big day so give it the importance it deserves. 


Mar 2013